How to choose a School/Hotel for your dog


Look for an establishment that is not too far from where you reside if you are interested in sending your dog to the school/hotel several times a week. This would mean less daily transportation time for your pet.


Visit the installations of the school or hotel for dogs. Nothing will take the place of the initial positive or negative impression that is had first hand. The visit will allow you to:

Become familiar wth the actual installations where services are


Make sure that the establishment is clean since proper cleanliness is important to the health of your pet. An unclean location can mean illnesses and diseases to your dog. Trust your nose!

Meet the personnel and form an opinion based on their friendly and respectfull treatment which should always be present.

Determine the actual distance from your home.


Verify how your dog will be transported. Transportation security is one of the most important items to take into consideration. Here are a few points to consider:

The vehicle must be in excellent condition both mechanically and in terms of cleaniless.

Dogs must not be transported loosely inside the vehicle. If a fight were to take place during tranportation, the driver may not be able to intervene until coming to a full stop.

Crates are the best form of security and transportation. Metallic cages can be dangerous in case of a collision due to the fact that the metal can bend on impact and cause injury to the dogs.

Only one pet must travel per crate. Do not allow two pets to be placed in a crate.

Dogs are live beings that we love with all of our hearts and must be treated with respect , which means that they should not be transported like merchandise in completely closed vehicles wthout ventilation and a dark interior.

Pets should not be transported in vehicles that expose them to the outside. This can be dangerous since the vehicle will not have a double layer of protection and pets will be exposed to contamination like gases from transportation.

Take into consideration the size of the vehicle. The larger it is, the longer the tranportation time will be for your pet since this means that there is more space for more pets to be picked up.

Try to confirm the actual time of arrival to the intallations in the mornings. This way you will know how much time your pet is really spending in the vehicle.


Ask how many people will be in charge of the dogs at the establishment. In the Unites States, norms state that the maximum capacity of dogs should be 15 per employee.


A school/hotel for dogs that is in compliance with the required vaccines, deworming and flea and parasite control is an establishment that protects the health of all of its habitual visitors.


Confirm that they have a correct and scrupulous handling of food for each guest in order to satisfy the dietary needs of each pet.


Socializing among other pets must be encouraged while maintaining a careful distance during recreation and play time based onte sizes of the pets. This will help avoid any lesions or accidents.

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