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Our Space

HighLand has 4000 square meters of green space in the mountains of La Calera and 550 square meters of covered areas that have been designed under the highest standards of quality to meet the needs of Highland Colegio & Hotel Canino. Our installations are completely surrounded by a mesh fence in order to ensure the safety of your pet.

Why HigLand?

Because we know the love you feel for your pet and the desire to give him/her the best.


We have supervised and organized recreation


Games and exercise




Comfortable and safe transportation in modern vehicles.

All of this is provided to your pet with much care and affection while they stay at our magnificent, specially designed and very clean installations.

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    • Via Bogotá - La Calera - 700 meters after the paytoll, turn towards Santiamén Vereda El Hato, Alto de las Mercedes La Calera, Colombia.
    • (57)311 597 7065
      For English Call (57)312 318 6602
    • info@hoteldeperros.com
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